Don't Risk the Safety of Your Loved Ones

Don't Risk the Safety of Your Loved Ones

Choose a seasoned contractor to work on your plumbing and HVAC system

Whether you're updating your system or repairing your unit, you need to hire a trained professional to work on your plumbing, heater and air conditioner. New York State PHCC will provide the resources you need to find a reliable, full-time contractor.

More than 3,500 companies nationwide are qualified members of our organization. Each member is dedicated to maintaining the health, safety and comfort of homeowners while protecting our environment. Call 716-216-4360 now to learn how to find a reputable contractor.

Protect your family from indoor contaminants

It pays to hire a professional plumbing or HVAC contractor. They'll protect you and your family from:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Water damage
  • Sewer gas
  • Mold
  • Product-related damage

Trust us to help you choose the right contractor for your home. Contact us ASAP for more information on finding a skilled plumbing or HVAC contractor.